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Do you dream of empowering breakthroughs and achievements in science and engineering?  Are you recognized as a top specialist in your field of engineering or science? Are you fascinated by the infinite possibilities of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence? If the answers are yes to all of the above, then the ASUS Robotics & AI Center is the perfect entity for you to thrive.


Our goal is to create a multidisciplinary team of the world’s brightest engineers and scientists to develop ambitious technologies that will define the future. If you have the passion, knowledge and expertise to contribute to an elite and diverse team of experts, we strongly encourage you to apply today. If your robotics or AI discipline is not within the scope of the listed career opportunities, please feel free to introduce yourself and send your resume to


We are always keen to hear from ambitious, passionate and talented individuals who are eager to take part in defining the future and believe they have the skills and mindset to contribute to our mission.

Available positions

Data Infrastructure Engineer

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist

Knowledge Engineer

Information Modeling Engineer

SLAM Engineer

Robotics Software Development Engineer

DevOps Engineer

CloudOps Engineer

Front-end Developer

Systems Engineer

Business Process Analyst

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Machine Learning Scientist

Senior Data Architect

Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior CloudOps Engineer

Senior Front-end Developer

Senior Industrial Control Engineer

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