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Taming Complexity

Through our drive to pursue the boundless possibilities of these nascent technologies and meet the difficult challenges they present head-on, we will achieve breakthroughs that will propel future innovations and empower people around the world with new capabilities of robotics and AI computing.

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Develop breakthrough software technology and challenge the most difficult technical problems in the fields of  robotics, AI, cyber-physical systems, and industrial metaverse.

Create ambitious technology

Face the toughest challenges head-on by exploring the endless possibilities of emerging technologies.

Create boundless possibilities

Create new breakthroughs

Promote the innovations of the future and create a new era of artificial intelligence.

Create the industrial metaverse

Bridge the physical and virtual world, and promote the comprehensive evolution of the business-to-business industry.

Our Mindset


Research Thinking 

Collective Wisdom


Be enthusiastic and motivated to solve difficult technical problems. We are looking for talented individuals who actively explore the core of any problem and constantly challenge themselves to achieve breakthroughs. At the ASUS Robotics & AI Center, we strive to envision and solve problems before they arise. For us, we do not just create solutions. We pursue better solutions that continuously push us and the industry forward.

Research Thinking 

Possess a research-oriented mindset and sharp, critical-thinking skills. The path to creating true breakthroughs and the most cutting-edge technology is not mapped out or defined in a textbook. It requires exploring the essence of technology and applying knowledge from different areas in creative ways to arrive at novel solutions.

Collective Wisdom 

Embrace a team-oriented mentality of contribution and knowledge-sharing. The problems we solve require both the breadth and depth of knowledge that can only come from the collective wisdom of a multidisciplinary team. Members of the ASUS Robotics & AI Center must contribute their expertise and, at the same time, actively seek and rely on the expertise of others to attain the intellectual heights required to overcome the biggest technical challenges.

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