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What Challenges Us, Makes Us

The ASUS Robotics & AI Center brings together elite scientists and engineers from around the world to form a multidisciplinary team committed to tackling the most difficult challenges in the fields of robotics, AI, cyber-physical systems, and the industrial metaverse.

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We are building software-focused solutions that combine algorithms and systems in an entirely novel digital fabric for cyber-physical systems.

Join us to shape the future of the coming decade together!”

Dr. Roland Angst 
ASUS CTO & Head of the ASUS Robotics & AI Center


Our DNA 

A Perfect Balance of a Startup, Academia, and Enterprise





Like a startup, we maintain a flat organizational structure and a culture of critical thinking and open expression.



Like academia, we embrace intellectual rigor and face difficult yet rewarding challenges head-on.



As a part of a large enterprise, we have the resources and expertise to empower customer success.


Advancing the AI Vision of the World’s Leading Computer Brand 

From hardware to software to solutions, as part of ASUS, we have the resources and experience to stand at the forefront of technological megatrends.

Globally recognized and admired

ASUS has consistently been named by Fortune magazine as one of the World's Most Admired Companies for many years.


Strength in engineering

R&D is at our core. Outstanding technical innovations can only be achieved with exceptional technical strength.


Resources for R&D 

We integrate the vast ASUS software and hardware R&D resources to promote the next generation of the technological revolution.


Top-notch work environment and facility

We strive to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and can easily balance their personal and professional lives.

“Logic will get you from A to Z,
imagination will get you everywhere.” 

Albert Einstein 

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