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Defining the Future


The ASUS Robotics and AI Center is a world-class research and development laboratory in Taipei that was established with the mission of developing ambitious technologies that will define the future. Our multidisciplinary team of the brightest engineers and scientists are dedicated to creating software-focused solutions that will solve some of the most enduring challenges in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Through our drive to pursue the boundless possibilities of these nascent technologies and meet the difficult challenges they present head-on, we will achieve breakthroughs that will propel future innovations and empower people around the world with new capabilities of robotics and AI computing.



A message from ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih

Empowering people with technology has always been my dream and the focus of my life’s work. Having been at the helm of ASUS for the last three decades has further strengthened my belief that technological empowerment is the only way to change our status quo. It is the only way to provide better lives for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and the future generations of humankind.


In the last thirty years, we have witnessed and taken part in multiple industry paradigm shifts that proliferated and harnessed the power of technology. We are proud to have been a provider and an enabler that accelerated the personal computing era as well as the mobile computing era.


However, we must not be complacent with the status quo as we enjoy the ubiquitous connectivity, wealth of applications, and instant access to information on our smartphones, laptops and other personal digital devices. Indeed, a truly incredible transformation that will have a momentous impact on every aspect of our lives and our future is just beginning to unravel. We are now working relentlessly to transform into this AIoT and robotics computing era.

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Thanks to access to large data sets, affordable computing power, and maturation of tools, machine learning has witnessed an unprecedented democratization during the last decade. A rapidly growing number of players in the industry has thereby been enabled to find narrow applications that utilize this novel toolbox. Robotics and AI have become dominant topics for the public and private sectors as well as the media. Despite this, the truth is the technical development of robotics and AI is still in its infancy.


Fortunately, we are at a crossroad with several promising avenues. This renders the thorough development of robotics and AI even more complex and interdisciplinary, spanning multiple domains that might at first seem independent from one another. The core mission of the ASUS Robotics & AI Center is to tame the complexity of robotics and AI as we work to develop ambitious technologies that will define our future.


We are building a multidisciplinary team of the brightest engineers and scientists to create software-focused solutions that will solve some of the enduring challenges in robotics and AI. This is an extremely difficult and arduous mission, but we are determined to conquer these challenges one-by-one in order to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs that will enrich both our industry and society.


If you are excited about taking on the biggest technological challenges with a likeminded team of passionate experts, we want to hear from you.



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ASUS Robotics & AI Center
No.115, Lide Rd., Beitou Dist.
Taipei City 112

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