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Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Location:

Taipei City

Type of Job:

Full Time

Roles & responsibilities

  • Lead efforts to build, maintain, and extend a top-notch development infrastructure that includes CI/CD, test automation, IaC, and DevSecOps principles.

  • Establish and advocate a culture of modern DevOps engineering best practices and design patterns.

  • Write clean, maintainable, and well-commented source code.

  • Proactively address problems with a research-thinking mindset and critically think about the pros and cons of different approaches.

  • Independently read relevant literature and share your insights and knowledge with other stakeholders.

  • Lead cross-functional teams that take ownership of the full software lifecycle.

  • Collaborate with other teams to make optimal software architecture design decisions.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or a related field.

  • 5+ years of industry work experience or equivalent.

  • Expertise in the software delivery lifecycle, especially with CI/CD systems that cover polyglot builds, running tests, handling build artifacts, and deployment stages.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Familiarity with cloud computing, including concepts such as virtual machines, containers, serverless functions, access-control policies, system security, and microservice design patterns.

  • Passion for defining, improving, and enforcing best practices for software development.

  • Understanding of software development best practices, including coding standards, code reviews, design patterns, source control management, and test automation.

  • Programming skills in C++, Python, JavaScript, and/or Go.

  • Consistently professional demeanor in alignment with our values of integrity and excellence in the workplace.

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